A Draft of Book IV of The Martyrology

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A Draft of Book IV of The Martyrology. bpNichol 1976.

The cover sketch of St Reat is by David Aylward (David St Alwart).

Includes "A Note on Notation."

This first publication of Book IV has been printed & distributed in an edition of 250 copies in connection with a reading at the University of Alberta at Edmonton on February 20th 1976. For the opportunity to give the reading i thank Douglas Barbour who was kind enough to ask me. For those who may wish to read them, parts of Book III have appeared or will appear in White Pelican, Earth & You, & The Capilano Review.

The discovery of new saints continues. George Bowering, in a recent poem published in Jim Lowell's Asphodel Catalogue, has revealed the existence of St As Is. 

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Publication Date: 1976

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David Aylward



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