Catalogue of the "Pataphysical Hardware Company

Catalogue of the "Pataphysical Hardware Company.
1985. Second Edition (Revised by jwcurry). 1992.

bpNichol Prop.

"Everything for your imaginary needs."

Comprised of Speech & Thot Series, Hardwarre Series, Concepts Series.

Notes: (Source: jwcurry)

First Edition: 18 may 1985. 2oo copies?
Second Edition: 3 April 1992. 109 copies.

First Edition: 7 x 8-1/2, 2 sheets white xerographic bond folded & stapled twice to 8 pp in selfwrappers, all printed black photocopy.
Second Edition: 7 x 8-1/2, 2 sheets white plainfield folded & stapled twice to 8 pp in selfwrappers, all printed black photocopy with red addition to front cover.

Cover by bpNichol.


i) [''Pataphysical Hardware Company logo] (front cover)

ii) CONSTANTLY ACCUSED OF BEING THOUGHTLESS? (ad forTho(ugh)t Balloons, inside front cover)

iii) HEY! SERIOUS THINKER! (ad for Tho(ugh)t Holder, inside front cover)

iv) "In response to an overwhelming public" (prose introduction, p.1)

v) OWN YOUR VERY OWN (ad for Speech Balloons (never produced), p.2)

vi) Poetry Lovers (ad for Genuine Brand Blank Verse, p.2)

vii) NOW!! (ad with graphic for Double-ended pencil, p.2)

viii) Catalogue of the ''PATAPHYSICAL HARDWARE COMPANY(complete list, pp.3>inside rear cover; in 7 parts:

–1) SPEECH & THOT SERIES (4 items, p.3)

–2) HARDWARE SERIES (2 items, p.3)

–3) CONCEPTS SERIES (5 items, p.3)

–4) serViCes (2 items, p.4)

–5) REFERENCE SERIES (9 items, p.4)

–6) NON SERIES (no items, inside rear cover)

–7) LEISURE LIVING SERIES (5 items inside rear cover))

ix) Inspirational Lights (ad for the matchbooks in the Leisure Living Series, p.3)

x) PLANNED (ad for the "Living-References-Bring-Em-Back-Alive" series, p.4)

xi) COMING (ad for "The Grow-Your-Own-References Series", p.4)

xii) ?A NIGHT ON THE TOWN? (ad with graphics for Plaster de Paris, inside rear cover)

xiii) "REGULAR USERS OF THIS" (illustrated joke column, as by "Triste Zara", inside rear cover)

xiv) from "S, A's", as by "A.Gold & N.Guppy" (concrete poem, rear cover)


Notes to the Second Edition:

By jwcurry: "the revisions -- all by jwcurry -- consist of a few error & date corrections & annotations to the listings reflecting availability"

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