Steve McCaffery and bpNichol.
Toronto: Ganglia Press, 1971.
Published as grOnk series 6.5.


Notes: (Source jwcurry)

8-1/2 x 11, 7 sheets white Provincial Bond side-stapled twice into white card covers, all except inside covers & p.2 printed black offset.

Cover lettering by bpNichol.

Contents (visual poetry except as noted):

i) "eeE (front cover)

ii) "F" (p.5)

iii) "LE I" (p.6)

iv) "HAE A" (p.7)

v) "E8" (p.8)

vi) "TH AE E" (p.9)

vii) "E (E!)" (p.1o)

viii) "EEE" (p.11)

ix) "H EL" (p.12)

x) "D''" (p.13)

xi) "WQ" (p.14)

xii) parallel texts (poetry, pp.15>16; in 3 #d parts:

–1) "per" (p.15)

–2) "deep deep" (p.15)

–3) "logic is green" (p.16))

xii) "sleep in" (rear cover)

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Known Dates

Publication Date: 1971

Known Contributors

Steve McCaffery



Genres: Poetry

Tags: visual poetry, concrete poetry

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The Estate of bpNichol

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