Who maintains the digital archive? 
bpNichol.ca is a collaborative enterprise with many moving parts. The current curator of the collection is Gregory Betts, poet and professor at Brock University, working in collaboration with Alana Wilcox, editorial director of Coach House Books. The original site was launched in 2008 as a pilot project for Artmob, a research project on Intellectual Property and Arts Archiving at York University in Toronto, led by Darren Wershler and David Meurer. The website was created and designed by Bill Kennedy of Intelligent Machines, and the original curator was Lori Emerson. 

The bpNichol.ca advisory board is a collective comprised of Lori Emerson, Ellie Nichol, Clint Burnham, Leigh Nash, Stephen Voyce, and derek beaulieu. The archive is currently independent, operating with the instrumental technical and financial support of Coach House Books and Brock University.

I'm looking for something not in the collection. When will it be digitized? 
Unfortunately, not every work that bpNichol wrote or published is currently in the digital archive. We are constantly working at digitizing and collecting new works for the collection. The best bet is to check back often, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to receive updates as they happen.

How can I contribute? 
We are a community-based project, which means we welcome your input and contributions in a number of ways. In particular, if you have publication details about any item in the collection, or a digital version of a work that you would like to see added, please contact Gregory Betts at gbetts@brocku.ca.

Can I use material from bpNichol.ca in the classroom? 
Yes, the materials in the bpNichol.ca digital archive are intended to be used for research, teaching, and private study. Please see the citation material for each item for more details about specific copyright protection. All of Nichol's writing on the website has been sanctioned for open access use by the Estate of bpNichol. Furthermore, if you are an educator and would like to discuss ideas and strategies about integrating material from the archive in your course, please contact Gregory Betts at gbetts@brocku.ca.